Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries occur in many variations, but are mostly to ascribe to sprains / distortions, swellings, muscular injuries and pain.
Should the cause of the medical condition have a more serious nature, please consult your physician or therapist.

For the treatment of pain TENS, Interferential and/or hot/cold packs may be recommended.

In the treatment of sports injuries the increase of blood circulation plays an important role in a fast recovery. Muscle stimulation, Interferential stimulation and hot packs may contribute to the increase of blood circulation.

Muscle stimulation is used for muscle rebuilding.

Interferential stimulation and hot/cold packs are used for the treatment of sprains and swellings.

Pain: BioStim Plus , BioStim SD , Impulse TENS D5 , Impulse 3000T , Stadtholder 
Swellings / Sprains / Muscle Injuries: BioStim INF  ,  Stadtholder
Muscle Rehab: Impulse EMS D7 , QuadStar II , EMS2000