Pain treatment

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Portable ultrasound unit for pain treatment

Portable ultrasound device for pain relief.

The popular and portable HT-906 Ultra Sound device generates deep heat within body tissue for the treatment of medical conditions such as relief of pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures (chronic loss of joint motion).
Based on its physical characteristics, it is increasing the local tissue temperature and capillary circulation.

The HT-906 features both pulsed and continuous ultrasound treatment.
The Timer allows to select 5, 10 or 15 minutes treatment time with automatic switch off.

Light and handy, easy for everyone to use; an excellent treatment appliance for personal care.

Device color: white/blue.

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HT-906 portable ultrasound


  • Power source: AC wall adaptor (220/230V power)
  • Frequency: 1MHz
  • Modes: Pulsed or Continuous
  • Pulsed Duty Cycle: L=12.5%, M=33%, H=50%
  • Pulse Repetition Rate: 60Hz.
  • Temp. max. power: 2.5W.
  • Temp. max. average intensity: 0.5W.
  • Timer: 5, 10 or 15 minutes
  • LED indicator
  • Dimensions: 180 (L)x48(W)x43 (H) mm
  • Weight: 112 gr.