Nu-Tek Levator Elite EMG+STIM+ETS

EMG - Biofeedback, ETS and Electrical Muscle Stimulator

Advanced EMG, Muscle stimulator and EMG-Triggered-Stimulation device for muscle assessment and muscle re-education.

  • 1-channel device
  • EMG Triggered Stimulation (Passive +Active),
  • Muscle Stimulation and EMG Modes
  • Nu-Tek scale scoring for (Pelvic Floor) Muscle
  • Custom programs for EMG/ETS (1 phase) and STIM (up to 5 stimulation phase) mode
  • Used as assessment or training tool for (pelvic floor) muscle
  • Lock function for home user
  • 20 pre-set continence and pelvic floor rehabilitation programs
  • 2 custom programs
  • vaginal probe included
  • anal proce: optional
  • complete set, including skin electrodes

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Nu-Tek Levator Elite EMG+STIM+ETS

  • 1-channel EMG-triggered-EMS for Continence treatment and Pelvic Floor rehabilitation.
  • EMG - Biofeedback, ETS and Stim.
  • The Levator Elite features line graph and bar graph as well as audio biofeedback.
  • Easy to use, portable device with 20 preset and 3 free adjustable programs.
  • Menu prompts are clear and easy to follow and guide you in selecting your accurate training program.
  • Both active and passive training.
  • Light weight user friendly home care device.

The Basic Parameters

Power supply

1.5V AA batteries, 6V

Low voltage warning



139mm×68mm×33mm (L*W*H)


156g (without batteries)

EMG: One Channel

EMG range

0.2 to 2000μV




4% of μ V reading, +/- 0.3μV at 200 Hz

Work/Rest periods

2-99 seconds

STIM: One Channel

Stimulation intensity

90V±10V (V max), Adjustable from 0 to 90mA (on 1000Ω)

Pulse width

50-450μS (2% accuracy)

Pulse rate

 2-100Hz (2% accuracy)

Work/Rest periods

1-99 seconds

Ramp time (up and down)

0.1-9.9 seconds

Treatment time

1-99 minutes


 Pre-set: 11  Customs:3