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Stadtholder Moorpakking - warmtepakking 22x40cm View larger

Stadtholder Moor, 22x40cm. - Heat therapy

Stadtholder - Heat therapy for Pain Relief, Stiffness and Joints

Size: 22x40cm.

Package: 1 piece

The special healing mud used for the Stadtholder moorpacks is worn in quarry areas. Due to grinding, filtering and extracting water from the mud, constant quality is guaranteed. Excellent heat conduction. More effective than synthetic gels.

Stadtholder Moor hotpacks are suitable for heating up in the microwave (up to 650W.), the packheater (approx. 55°C.) or in warm water.


  • chronic rheumatism
  • degenerative illnesses
  • muscle pain
  • stiffnes
  • spasms
  • joint pain
  • neck / shoulder and backpain
  • relaxation

Available sizes:

  • 13x28cm.
  • 18x28cm.
  • 22x40cm.
  • 30x40cm.
  • Neck / Shoulder

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Stadtholder® Moor hotpacks

  • Filled with natural healing mud
  • Reusable
  • Microwavable
  • Excellent formability
  • Strong and durable
  • Comfortable warmth
  • Very effective due to deep penetration
  • Supreme retention of temperature
  • Use of protecting covers is recommended

Heat therapy for Pain Relief, Stiffness and Joints