Hot- / Cold therapy

Hot/Cold Packs 21x38cm. / Gelpack / 1pc.

Premium quality reusable gel hot/coldpack.

Size: 21x38cm

Package: 1 piece

Heat treatments should be used for chronic conditions to help relax and loosen tissues, and to stimulate blood flow to the area.

  • chronic rheumatism
  • chronic pain
  • tense muscles
  • muscle ache / stiffness
  • menstrual pain
  • cold - chronic cold

Ice treatment is most commonly used for acute injuries.

  • local inflammation
  • post-surgery swellings
  • acute pain
  • sprains
  • swellings
  • sports-injuries
  • fever
  • insect bites

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Premium reusable hot/cold gel packs for heat- and cold treatment.

  • Transparent PA/PE Foil
  • Gel on water basis
  • Cool in the fridge or freezer
  • Heat up the microwave oven or in hot water
  • For application wrap in cloth or thin towel
  • Even after repeated use flexible and pliable