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Ultrasound pain treatment for chronic and acute pain

Ultrasound device for pain treatment

Technical data:Frequency: 1 Megahertz (+/- 10%)Wave: pulsating, continuousMax ultrasound power: 6.4 W (+/- 20%)Three power levels: L (low), M (medium), H (high)Modulation/Load ratio on level L: 5%Modulation/load ratio on level M: 50%Modulation/Load ratio on level H: 100%Ultrasonic power on level L: 0.32 W (+/- 20%)Ultrasonic power on level M: 3.2 W (+/- 20%)Ultrasonic power at level H: 6.4 W (+/- 20%)Pulse frequency: 100 Hz (+/- 10%)Surface area of ultrasound head: 4 cm².Average max. luminous power: 1.6 W/cm² (+/- 20%)Timer: 5, 10, 15 minutesPreheating function for ultrasound head (can be turned off)Preheating temperature: max. 35 degrees (+/- 5 degrees)Preheating time: max. 3 minutesLED indicator lightsAutomatic shutdown in case of poor skin contactAutomatic shutdown in case of overheatingMaterial of ultrasound head: aluminumPower supply: plug-in power supplyDimensions (L x W x H): 202 x 49 x 70 mmWeight: 193 grams (without power supply)It is advisable to consult your doctor or therapist before using the ultrasound device!

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