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Roovjoy TENS Multi | Pain Therapy and Fitness |4 in 1 Multi-electrotherapy device

TENS electrotherapy device with 4 forms of stimulationIn Pain, Fitness, Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries

Stimulation Forms:    TENS    Muscle stimulation    Interference stimulation    Russian stimulationFor application to:    Pain    Stiff muscles    Muscle training    Fitness    RehabilitationRoovjoy TENS Multi| 4-in-1A multifunctional two-channel electrostimulation device with four types of stimulation: TENS, EMS, interference (INF) and Russian (ROS).

With built-in rechargeable battery, charged via USB.

Applications: pain treatment, rehabilitation and muscle building and other specialized treatments.The device offers a total of up to 102 programs tailored to different parts of the body, including 34 free programs to set stimulation parameters yourself.Easy to use and yet very versatile.

+31 (0)72 5672090