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Roovjoy TENS + EMS + Massage device

Roovjoy Combo for pain treatment, rehabilitation and fitness

2-channel, digital device | TENS | Muscle stimulation | Massage

3-in-1: TENS - EMS - Massage


both pre-programmed (43) and freely selectable programs (17) display with choice of body part to be treated very easy to operate effective pain relief and muscle building


    constant, modulation, burst, synchronous     body part indication     backlit LCD display     key lock     electrode detection function     electrode placement suggestions     automatic switch-off     timer     low battery indicator     rechargeable (usb cable)     charging indicator     CE mark     complete set


    EMS + TENS + Massage.     2 channels     30 TENS programs; 8 of which are freely adjustable     27 EMS programs; 9 of which freely adjustable     3 Massage fixed programs     Intensity: up to 120mA max.     TENS: 2 - 120Hz; 55-300?s.     EMS: : 4 - 100Hz; 100-300?s.     MASSAGE: 25-100Hz; 100-250?s.     Pulse shape: symmetrical, biphasic, rectangular     LCD display with body part indication     Rechargeable internal battery     Timer / Key lock / Battery indicator     Electrode detection (resistance)     Complete with electrodes, cable, manual and internal battery     Manual including electrode placement suggestions
+31 (0)72 5672090