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Labour TENS

MamaTens was specifically developed for effective and safe pain relief during labor and delivery.For optimal effect, it is recommended to use MamaTens from the first contraction.The device is very easy to operate. You determine the dosage of the stimulation and thus of the pain relief yourself. One push on the Boost button intensifies the stimulation and relieves the worst pain of the heavy contraction.The method has been used successfully in thousands of births.You can apply MamaTens from the 27th week of pregnancy.MamaTens: small, light, compactThe small and portable MamaTens is equipped with a carrying clip for the belt or skirt and a secure necklace. So you can choose how you want to wear the device without it restricting your freedom of movement.The operation of MamaTensMamaTens generates small electrical pulses which are transmitted to nerve tracts via the plaque electrodes on the skin. The pulses activate endogenous substances such as endorphins, which have a strong pain-relieving effect. In addition, the pulses can block pain signals. The pain is not completely eliminated, but it is significantly reduced.MamaTens offers 3 programs for pain management; in each program you can use the Boost button for extra pain reduction.MamaTens cables and electrodesThe supplied electrodes have a fixed cable, which you connect directly to the device. So no hassle with loose cables.If the connection with the electrodes on the skin is not correct, MamaTens warns you with an alarm signal.

+31 (0)72 5672090