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Intra-Vaginal Probe

To treat stress, mixed or urge incontinence, you have two easy options with the Periform+ electrode:

with a muscle stimulator or biofeedback device.

(devices should come with 2mm connectors)

Pelvic Floor Stimulation and Biofeedback 

Strengthens Muscles 

Contoured Electrodes for Comfortable Stimulation 

Medical Grade Surgical Stainless Steel 

You’ll like it because:

The shape is smooth, so it inserts gently You can stand up or move around while using it You can use it with muscle stimulators or biofeedback devices It’s easy to clean


Probe body: High Impact Polystyrene Electrodes: Medical Grade Stainless Steel Cables: PVC over copper tinsel conductors Weight: 19g including cables Cable Length: 340mm Dimensions: Length 94mm Width: 34.7mm Connectors: 2 x 2mm diameter sockets Electrode Surface Area: 4.9cm2 per electrode ‘In Use’ product lifetime: 6 months
+31 (0)72 5672090